Write for Us

Need A Design Maam is very much about collective work. It is a place where we value every contribution from the members of our community – whether it is a full-length article, revealing the secrets of CSS coding, or a short comment or feedback on the topic of your personal interest. Since you are reading this section now, we assume you have some interest in writing for us, and, believe us, we are equally interested in your writings.

If you have something to say – let the world hear you. Need A Design Maam is a friendly community, where all the writers are highly respected, and those, who publish an interesting quality post, useful for our community, are respected.

Why writing for Need A Design Maam is a good idea for you:

  • Your work will be published on a new, dynamic, and industry-related online magazine
  • Your writings will be displayed to thousands of visitors daily
  • You will be able to express your ideas to the community of professionals
  • You will be able to expose your work to the wide audience
  • You will receive feedbacks and comments on your work, whether it is an article about web design, or a post with the samples of your own wallpapers or icons
  • You will promote yourself and your works among the rapidly-growing community of Need A Design Maam readers.

What should you write about for Need A Design Maam magazine?

We are interested in design-related topics, like the following:

  • Web design: graphics, coding, JS, CSS, etc. Tips, how-to posts, fresh ideas, industry news and technology overviews
  • UI design: User experience design, coding, design ideas, etc…
  • Freebies – free staff that can make designing better or easier
  • Inspiration – multiple sources of inspiration for designers, such as showcases, art galleries, visual art samples, etc.

Are there any requirements for writers?

Actually, we do not have any specific requirements for writers, so you definitely qualify for being one of them. However, we do have some basic requirements for the writings just to ensure Need A Design Maam offers only high-quality content, which is interesting and useful for our readers. Before submitting your articles or posts to the Need A Design Maam editorial team, please have a look at our requirements and make sure you write in accordance with them.

  • We accept only original content that has never been published before either online or offline
  • Typical article post should be of 800-1200 words in length
  • The article should be informative, interesting, and of practical use for readers
  • The article should be free of grammar, spelling or other types of mistakes and typos article should contain a short paragraph (about 3 lines) about the author (link to a personal blog or site is allowed)
  • Articles should not contain affiliate links of any kind (yet you can suggest links to your own projects, websites, or blogs)
  • Need A Design Maam editorial team has the right to edit the formatting of your article to ensure it is in line with our general website style
  • Upload your submissions here and then shoot me a line [email protected] letting me know you have submitted. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Again, submissions MUST be 100% original to Need A Design Maam.

How to become a Need A Design Maam writer?

Everything is really simple here. If you have any questions as for how to contribute your writing to Need A Design Maam – please, contact our editorial team at [email protected] If you are a beginner in writing – do not be shy to send us your writing for the review as well. We will be glad to help you demonstrate your talent and develop your writing skills.