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9 Result Oriented SEO Techniques for WordPress Blogs

WordPress is undoubtedly the most sought-after platforms to have SEO friendly blogs and websites. The best part is that it is free and its features are highly customized. This gives users adequate power and flexibility to get the desired look of their websites- yet they are SEO friendly.

This is the reason that bloggers are opting for this platform from around the world. But the bloggers who are new to this industry may fall into the WordPress pitfalls resulting in inefficient SEO. To stay ahead and achieve good ranking, here are a few tips.

1. Permalink Structure

When you have installed WordPress, it will take the default settings and your post will get a dynamic URL, which is not recognized as a good SEO technique. On the contrary, your post must consist of a permalink structure that can be recognized by category and title of the post in your URL.

2. The Importance of Permalink

The right kind of permalink structure provides the flexibility to incorporate more keywords in the URL of your post. By using this method you can stay a step ahead of others and to equip with more SEO power you can ask someone else to use the same permalink structure and link it to your post.

3. SEO Plug-in

Most of the bloggers stay away from plug-ins because they are not fully aware of its importance. When you wish to optimize the search ranking, it is essential to customize Meta descriptions and keywords, of course, the titles also.

In order to facilitate the things, they provide a single plug-in, which is known as all in one pack. After installation, you can customize any post with greater ease. Every page of this blog has a box, which is used to enter the relevant SEO information.

4. Use Keywords in Title

Using the right keywords is the main technique of an SEO strategy. Keywords selection can be done on the basis of geographical aspect if you have a blog or website to support your local business. You must concentrate on area specific search to get the specific keywords of that particular area.

Keyword stuffing is known as black hat tactics and search engines latest updates show that they blacklist those blogs, which have inappropriate use of keywords.

5. Optimize Images

This is a technique that is forgotten by many webmasters, but this can also generate good amount of traffic. You have to use images to give your blog an attractive look, save those image files with the relevant name or keyword and this will serve as an added advantage. You can use ALT and TITLE attributes and makes it easier for search engine crawlers to appropriately index your image.

6. Headings

Another point to remember is to use tags for titles when you are posting something or creating a new page. You can embed tags in other headings, this helps in systematically indexing by the search engine spiders.

In order to elaborate your topic, your post must consist of heading and subheadings. This will make the web page more clear and specific; search engines like such information and they rank it in the category of informative content.

7. Search Engine Submission

XML site map is an essential part of the blog for better indexing. Search engines will come to know about them easily by creating XML Sitemaps. In the same process WordPress provides you with an excellent plug-in to install and get benefitted; it is known as Google Sitemap XML Generator.

8. Speed of the Blog

You never know what kind of internet speed your blog visitor has? And, this is a fact when a website doesn’t load in the stipulated time; a visitor gets disenchanted and closed the page. Page speed is termed as the main factor in Google indexing and has given a head start to the websites or blogs with greater speed.

There are several free online tools to check your website’s speed and correct it. Slow down in a website page will also slow down your image not only in terms of search engine indexing but also in the eyes of genuine visitors.

9. Content

Finally, we have discussed the importance of content but this doesn’t mean this is less important. This stays at top position and recent finding have proven this fact. You must have a coherent and relevant content in your blog; this will automatically increase the ranking. Badly written and plagiarized content will tarnish your image.

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