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10 Cool WordPress Pricing Table Plugins

Do you own a WordPress website? Have you been searching for a way to add prices to your site? If your answer to both these questions is a “Yes” then you’ve reached the right post. Adding prices to web portals has always remained a challenge for web developers.

While it’s feasible to create the traditional price table using a Microsoft Office application, integrating customizable WordPress pricing table plugins has emerged as an improved methodology. By installing the right WordPress plugin, you can easily render your visitors an incredible insight into your pricing policy.

You’ll be able to update your web page with a trendy and usable pricing table. So, without a further ado, let’s grab brilliant details about 10 finest free and premium WordPress Pricing Table plugins that’ll serve handy for individuals wanting to stuff their web pages with effective and clear pricing tables.

1. Kento Pricing Table Free

Kento Pricing Table Free is a WordPress plugin that comes with an HTML and CSS Smart Pricing table grid equipped with unlimited row, column and color options. Other impressive features of this plugin include an easy admin panel, tool-tip text, blank field cross icon, display of shortcodes after saving settings.

2. Mallard

Mallard is a metro-style premium WordPress pricing table plugin that comes with features including two color schemes, multi-lingual support, customizable tables, simple-to-use admin and many more.

3. Pricer Ninja

Pricer Ninja is yet another brilliant plugin useful for adding highly customizable pricing tables to the web pages. The fully responsive design of this plugin allows you to present your website on a variety of devices with varying screen sizes. Having been downloaded for about 2,983 times till date, Pricer Ninja requires WordPress version 3.0 or higher.

4. uPricing

uPricing serves as a handy WordPress plugin for websites that need to contain an impressive yet fully usable pricing table. Some of the most appealing features of this WordPress plugin include: multiple themes, a live preview editor, customizable fonts and colors, tool-tips, CSS3 Ribbons, property dividers etc.

5. CSS3 Responsive Web Pricing Tables Grids for WordPress

CSS3 Responsive Web Pricing Tables Grids for WordPress comes as a package of CSS3 Web Pricing tables loaded with several options for table rows, columns and table cells.

In addition to this, the plugin is also equipped with features such as: an extensive admin panel, hover states, 60 columns ribbons, table cell tool-tips, responsive mode configurator, 20 pre-defined sample configurations, detailed documentation and many more.

6. IND Pricing Table

IND is yet another cool and trendy WordPress plugin that allows you to create unlimited pricing table in your WordPress powered website. Key features of this plugin include: unlimited color variations, unlimited rows and columns, dynamic width, 3 unique styles, hover style, ribbons and many more.

7. Go

Go is an incredibly effective WordPress plugin that allows you to combine the traditional and contemporary style of pricing tables. With this plugin, you gain the flexibility of creating multiple pricing tables in your web pages. Some brilliant features of this plugin include: 90+ demo table templates, 32 ribbons, unlimited color combinations of columns, tool-tip text, column descriptions, background colors and many more.

8. Pricing Tables Builder

Pricing Tables Builder is a handy WordPress plugin for website owners who want to create intuitive pricing tables/pricing boxes for their web pages. Features which make this plugin stand out from the crowd include: unlimited color variations, a powerful admin panel, retina-ready graphics, five skin options, iPhone/iPad optimized, 100% css skinable, SEO-friendly, cross-browser compatible and many more.

9. Pure CSS3 Responsive Pricing Tables

Pure CSS3 Responsive Pricing Tables is a WordPress plugin that comes with a set of features including CSS3 Tool-tips, buttons, ribbons, drag and drop columns, row sorting etc. With this plugin, you can easily create unlimited CSS Responsive pricing tables via an unlimited range of colors and styles.

Loaded with 10 easily customizable pre-defined themes, CSS Responsive Pricing Tables WordPress plugin is a must-have for every WordPress powered e-commerce website.

10. CSS3 Vertical Web Pricing Tables for WordPress

CSS3 Vertical Web Pricing Tables for WordPress is a plugin thatthat allows you to create pricing tables on the basis of rows instead of columns.

Equipped with an intuitive admin panel, this plugin also has features including: a vertical layout, 10 pre-defined color skins, animated hover states, configurable width, smooth CSS3 animation, unlimited tows, font-face fonts, easy implementation with simple shortcodes and many more. As a premium WordPress plugin, you need to pay a marginal sum of $13 for purchasing CSS3 Vertical Web Pricing Tables for WordPress.

Wrapping Up

Now you’ve them all, the 10 hand-picked WordPress plugins that renders you a brilliant opportunity of incorporating price tables into your WordPress posts and pages. By choosing an appropriate plugin from the above collection, it’d become comfortable for you to equip your web pages with pricing tables that’ll serve as an amazing tool for boosting your sales.

After gaining an in-depth access into your product/service price listing, the visitors won’t delay in partnering with you.

Have you used any of these WordPress plugins before? If yes, do consider sharing your experiences. Also, don’t forget to leave your comments on the above post.

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