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16 Key Notes to Keep in Mind While WordPress Development

WordPress, the content management system, has turned the whole website development towards a different angle. It started out as a blog, a powerful blog medium and went on to become a content management system that hosts brilliant websites.

It’s an easy to use medium to develop powerful websites and, the plugins present on this CMS helps devise beautiful and responsive websites for you. But, while using WordPress is pretty easy, there are many things that stay unknown in most cases, especially to new developers.

Here are some tips and tricks that will help you to use WordPress like a pro.

1. Antivirus

The Antivirus plugin for your WordPress site will make sure it monitors any problems that may occur on your site. It will even warn you regarding the attacks. You can go to the antivirus settings to enable daily scan of the antivirus and also make the plugin send an email whenever there is some suspicious activity.

2. Digg/Bury Blog Comments

One of the most accepted plugin by most WordPress developers. You can find the difference between valuable comments and spammers by using this plugin while WordPress development.

3. After the Deadline

This is a smart plugin that has been regularly used by developers to check on spelling and grammar. It uses artificial intelligence to knock out errors and provide suggestions.

4. Anti AdBlocker

It may seem like yet another WordPress plugin but, it detects visitors who have enabled ad block software and will notify this when they are making their 11th visit to your site.

5. WP Typography

An enhanced and improved version of typographic elements available on WordPress! It includes hyphenation, spacing control, smart handling of characters and CSS styling.

6. Page Load Time

This is a major concern with most website developers. But, with WordPress development you can stay assured on this. The WP Minify plugin needs to be enabled to ensure perfect page load times. This plugin will compress CSS and JS files and ensure speedy page loads.

7. Apple like Sidebar

If you are impressed with the way Apple has designed its whole look and redefined the UX aspect. You can create a similar environment using Accordion plugin which basically allows you to create the sidebar which looks similar to that in Apple devices.

8. Submit your Blog Post

If you want that non registered users and subscribers should post on your website, you should definitely use this plugin. It would create customized forms that will enable such posting.

9. Caption your Image

The image caption plugin allows you to give out a direct caption to your image. You need not give an alt attribute to your image unlike before once you have installed this plugin. It is highly useful.

10. Let People Stumble

It is pretty interesting, the fact that you can get people to stumble upon your posts randomly. You just need to redirect people to some random post of yours and that’s it. People will love you and your post too.

11. Syntax Highlighter

You can integrate the Google syntax highlighter using this plugin. This will work well for your WordPress site in case you want a coding highlight.

12. PopURLs

WordPress development allows you to create your own PopURLs using My PopURLs. You can display your content that’s original and very personal using this plugin.

13. Styling Posts

You want some posts to look different from the others? Well, here’s a way you can style individual posts by using the_ID.

14. Customize your Read More Tab

Instead of writing “read more” after a brief intro to your post, you can customize it to something like “For more” or something similar while developing a site using WordPress. You just need to manipulate the custom fields for this thumbnail in the related post.

15. Adding Shadows

If you want to add shadows to some objects, here is how you can do it! Use the WordPress shadow plugin. The images that are supported by this plugin as of now are images, div and block quotes.

16. Avoid Duplication

Google identifies sites that hold quality. You would not want to duplicate your content and get lowered ranks on Google, would you? Use WordPress filter while going through WordPress development to find the duplicate content. Once you have a series of results, remove the duplication and run original content.

These are just some of the plugins or tricks to handle WordPress the way you want to. There’s much more to WordPress than these tricks and techniques. It is the world’s most beautiful and dignified CMS which allows you to build a website as easily and comfortably as possible.

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