TikTok Branding: 6 Handy Tips To Personalize Your Brands

TikTok is a popular video-sharing application with more than 800 million active users monthly. Every user spends an average time of 52 minutes on TikTok, which makes it more trending than other social media platforms. TikTok is not just for teens alone, but users of all ages join TikTok to connect with many celebrities, publishers, new brands, or influencers.

TikTok is becoming one of the preferred places for marketers and brands to show their potential in a creative and engaging way. More than 150 countries use TikTok for various purposes like entertainment, promotion, and to grow their business. Among millions of users, you have to grow your business by personalizing your brand with the following ideas.

Tip #1: Drive User-Generated Content 

User-Generated Content (UGC) is content created by any of the users on TikTok. UGC opens a place for interaction between a customer and a brand. Suppose you participate in your audience’s feed by doing some actions; in that case, it creates a good relationship with your audience. Sharing your user’s content on your page may improve your brand visibility to new audiences.

UGC plays a vital role in your brand virality among users on TikTok. You can find those content in challenges because many users participate in challenges. Research the content relevant to your brand from different users and share them on your page to make your brand grow.

Tip #2: Showcase Your Products

TikTok provides several ways to improve your brand visibility. Since it is a video platform, you can show your products visually to your audiences, creating brand trust among your followers. Find out interesting ways to present your product to get a higher reach and may also increase your sales conversion.

Provide your content in a fun way to make an impression on your brand or product. The purpose of using TikTok for many users is to relax from stress and make their minds free from them. So, creating content in a way that will definitely make an impact on your product.

Tip #3: Make Videos With Trending Content

Normally TikTok shows a trending video on the top of your For You Page (FYP). If you hit like for one or two trending videos, then TikTok pushes all the trending videos on top of your page. If the same video content or sound is repeated, then get ready to make a video using the same content and sound.

Your video with trending sound or music should be creative and engaging. Though the sound is popular among users, the content creates a memorable impact for your brand that helps to grow your business at a higher rate in a short period on TikTok.

Tip #4: Perform Contest Using Hashtag Challenge

The best way to make your brand popular is by conducting contests and giveaways. Most people pay attention and show interest in participating in an exciting contest. Also, use hashtag challenges to perform your contest well among the users.

First, create a video with engaging content to grab your follower’s attention and get a gradual increase in likes for your TikTok video by using hashtag challenge. Hashtag challenge is asking your audience to create a similar video with your branded hashtag. Choose the audience with the best video as a winner of this contest. Announce the winner by creating an amazing video and post it by tagging them. It makes your brand visible among many new audiences.

Tip #5: Promote Your Brand Using Ads

Your video content guarantees success by using the best advertisement feature. The main objective of all the creators behind the video is to reach a wider audience and grow their brand. Reaching many audiences through organic marketing takes time to get the result. However, TikTok introduced the advertising feature to increase your brand reach and gain new audiences with higher response in a quick way.

First, create a business account to start a new campaign. TikTok provides the option to choose the budget, whether the daily or total budget for your campaign where it does not accept if the budget is less than $500. The different types of the ad are,

  • In-Feed Ads – These ads appear on your FYP (For You Page) or below any of the organic videos. You can insert a link to your landing page or your website page to drive your audience traffic directly to your website to increase your brand awareness.
  • TopView Ads – The TopView ads appear once you open your TikTok application. The ads appear for about 60 seconds without skipping with the sounds on. You can also include a CTA button, and it is a great way for your brand to reach higher.
  • Brand Takeovers – These ads appear while opening your TikTok app on the For You Page. It lasts for about 3 to 5 seconds which may be in the form of videos or images. It is less competitive where you can utilize its benefit.

Tip #6: Team Up With Relevant Influencers

Partnership with influencers for your brand will really work out with better results. Basically, the influencers on TikTok have large fan followings that can amplify your brand reach and grow your business among wider audiences. Find out the influencers relevant to your business and team up with them to achieve your goals. The influencers should be fit for your budget, company, and objective.

TikTok makes your work easy in finding influencers. It provides a way to connect with more than 1000 influencers through Creator Marketplace. While connecting with influencers, you will get a chance to gain audiences who have an interest in your brand from your influencer’s followers. Since their audience gets positive feedback from your influencer, they will likely follow you to buy your product that increases your conversion rate.

Final Thought:

TikTok provides enormous opportunities for marketers to grow their brand with a broad user base. TikTok fits well if your objective is targeting younger audiences. You can connect with more audiences to connect with your brand and gain better sales conversion. Advertising on TikTok also provides speedy results to reach your target audiences. With the above tips and tricks, grow your brand to a higher level on TikTok.

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