7 Things to Do to Ensure Your Next Blog Post is Actually Read

There is a myth out there, this myth is that “great content markets itself”. This whole idea of build it and they will come really doesn’t apply online. The truth is unless you have a pre existing loyal audience of dedicated readers ready to determine your content is amazing and carry it on their backs to the rest of the world; then you’re going to need to personally take action to ensure the world knows about your content. The following are 7 ways you can “seed” your content. What I mean by seeding is allowing things to happen organically rather … Continue reading 7 Things to Do to Ensure Your Next Blog Post is Actually Read

15 Best Free Website Builders to Create a Clean Simple Website

In the digital age, the website of your business is what windows used to be to shops and stores earlier – an invitation to enter and check out the offerings. Just like you would decorate your storefront to make it attractive, you would need to makeyour website attractive as well. As per research by Blue Corona, 48% of your prospective customers would judge the credibility of your business by looking at your website design. Obviously, you must know how to build a website that grabs eyeballs, offers a safe and secure user experience, and gets your audience back for more. … Continue reading 15 Best Free Website Builders to Create a Clean Simple Website

5 Web Development Tips for Online Businesses

Paying attention to recent advances in web development and working out how they can be introduced to your e-commerce website is an invaluable exercise in boosting your business prospects. Some of the most popular e-commerce websites attract such a large amount of happy customers because they are kept up-to-date with all the latest web development tricks and tools. Playful applications and interactive elements including live chat, games, video features, polls, quizzes, blogs and comment boxes encourage the contribution of customers’ opinions and their cross-posting of content from the website. Which kind of web development tools are going to be most … Continue reading 5 Web Development Tips for Online Businesses

Beautiful Fonts from WhatFontis

First impression is always the best impression either it is your website design or your website font. It is very important to develop a website which is attractive to readers and make them permanent subscribers for your blog. Most of the companies and businesses online develop their own font which is simple, elegant and attractive for readers. There are some quality font providers online such as WhatFontis which gives you an option to find font from image and many more advanced options which can help in finding the best fonts for your business website. If you have an idea of making your content … Continue reading Beautiful Fonts from WhatFontis

Royal Free Vectors from Depositphotos

Blogging is one of the best ways to promote your business online. As search engines started indexing social media content, there are many new marketing strategies that has been developed by business online to get into top pages of search engines through social media marketing. One of the best ways to promote business online is through social media marketing. Business blogging is one of the best ways to make your business to reach top pages of search engines for your products. This important strategy of business blogging has been implemented successfully by many businesses online. Business blogging has many advantages … Continue reading Royal Free Vectors from Depositphotos

How can a Website Design Influence its Performance?

It is just a website layout, it is just color scheming, how can it possibly affect my business model? – If you think like that, prepared to be surprised. Your website layout and design affects your business model, especially an online business very deeply. One thing you should keep in mind that when we talk about design we don’t just mean the layout or the outlook of the website. Design is a vast term. It contains accessibility, user friendly interface, easy navigation and many other things which can conclude the success or failure of your website. Here are the reasons … Continue reading How can a Website Design Influence its Performance?

45 Best 3D Flash websites Ever Seen

Flash websites are always attractive if we ignore the fact that it takes time to load. This showcase will consist from 45 3D Flash websites, which really stood out from crowd, have received unique attention and got awards! Most of the images used in these sites are stock images with high quality from sites like Depositphotos. Visit Depositphotos official blog has more info about Stock images and benefits. 1. Proliniers 2. Mew tube 3. SimCity 4. Sensist 5. Got Milk 6. Hatica 3D 7. Gears Of War 8. Twist and Drink 9. Nike 10. Orangedan 11. The Egg Republic 12. The Eco zoo 13. Hop 14. Pnc 15. Biliouris 16. Immersive Garden 17. Mechaniks 18. Thor 19. Apoteket 20. Play Media 21. Puma … Continue reading 45 Best 3D Flash websites Ever Seen

Our startup pre-launch strategy

We’re building something awesome for marketers and when we launch we want to make sure people know. This is our startup pre-launch strategy for Makers Tool. First Goal: 1000 Subscribers Strategy: Develop a plan to keep our audience engaged with reallygreat content Build up industry connections to network with Spend twice as much or more time distributing the content than we did creating it Create one really awesome piece of ‘opt-in’ content per post Contact everyone mentioned in the post We’re focused on growing our blog first and then building our brand through content before launching our product.  The Blog Strategy We want … Continue reading Our startup pre-launch strategy

Creating an email Campaign that Actually Makes Money

New-fangled marketing tools can make email marketing seem a bit old-hat, but underneath the increasingly ubiquitous nature of our relationship with email lies a treasure trove of marketing opportunities. But with priority inboxes and spam filters creating ever-higher barriers to effective communication, how can the modern marketer properly utilize email? Reconnaissance Before you even put pen to virtual paper, you’ll want to spend a significant amount of time researching. However, this isn’t just a fire-and-forget process, so be prepared to fight a never-ending battle in terms of keeping your email offering optimised. The first key steps are to identify your … Continue reading Creating an email Campaign that Actually Makes Money