How to Improve your Blog’s Traffic

In this post I will explain how I drive traffic to my site. The list includes 10 ways to boost traffic on your site. I will also show what my blog has achieved in September and what my goals are for October. How do I drive traffic to my site? 10 tips on how to boost your traffic: Twitter Social media is a must these days. As you build up your follower count you gain marketing power. When you have thousands of followers and you tweet something that includes your blog in it, believe me many people will see it … Continue reading How to Improve your Blog’s Traffic

7 Things to Do to Ensure Your Next Blog Post is Actually Read

There is a myth out there, this myth is that “great content markets itself”. This whole idea of build it and they will come really doesn’t apply online. The truth is unless you have a pre existing loyal audience of dedicated readers ready to determine your content is amazing and carry it on their backs to the rest of the world; then you’re going to need to personally take action to ensure the world knows about your content. The following are 7 ways you can “seed” your content. What I mean by seeding is allowing things to happen organically rather … Continue reading 7 Things to Do to Ensure Your Next Blog Post is Actually Read

Our startup pre-launch strategy

We’re building something awesome for marketers and when we launch we want to make sure people know. This is our startup pre-launch strategy for Makers Tool. First Goal: 1000 Subscribers Strategy: Develop a plan to keep our audience engaged with reallygreat content Build up industry connections to network with Spend twice as much or more time distributing the content than we did creating it Create one really awesome piece of ‘opt-in’ content per post Contact everyone mentioned in the post We’re focused on growing our blog first and then building our brand through content before launching our product.  The Blog Strategy We want … Continue reading Our startup pre-launch strategy

Creating an email Campaign that Actually Makes Money

New-fangled marketing tools can make email marketing seem a bit old-hat, but underneath the increasingly ubiquitous nature of our relationship with email lies a treasure trove of marketing opportunities. But with priority inboxes and spam filters creating ever-higher barriers to effective communication, how can the modern marketer properly utilize email? Reconnaissance Before you even put pen to virtual paper, you’ll want to spend a significant amount of time researching. However, this isn’t just a fire-and-forget process, so be prepared to fight a never-ending battle in terms of keeping your email offering optimised. The first key steps are to identify your … Continue reading Creating an email Campaign that Actually Makes Money

Simple Ways to Generate New Content Ideas

Considering that content creation is one of the key aspects of an SEO campaign, it’s important to constantly have fresh ideas for content. This post will take a look at a few ways in which you can generate ideas for your blog, to ensure that you can constantly create fresh, beneficial content for your readers. Quora Questions Quora is essentially a massive question and answer site which covers a plethora of different subjects, and can prove to be a massive boon in regards to your content creation. From the threads that you’ll discover within your specified niche, you can find … Continue reading Simple Ways to Generate New Content Ideas

An Advanced Keyword Competitive Analysis Tutorial

Keyword analysis is an incredibly important part of any SEO campaign, therefore, understanding how competitive any given keyword is. This will enable you to gather estimates of traffic that you can bring into your website and how much work will be involved in getting to the top of page one. Take a look at the video below and make sure you leave your comments at the bottom of this post! Video Transcript Hi, this is Matt from findmyblogway. I’m going to talk to you briefly about a process that I use for understanding how competitive a search term is to … Continue reading An Advanced Keyword Competitive Analysis Tutorial