15 Instagram Reels Ideas For Business Owners (With Examples)

You are in the exact place if you are searching for perfect Instagram reels ideas for your brand or business. Reels are the new feature on the platform, and we can say it is a gem of social media. Every business owner uses it to explore their brand visibility among a vast audience.

Here, we can see 15 Instagram reels ideas for every business owner to leverage. Let’s dive in.

1. Instagram Reels

Reels feature on Instagram helps in reaching a wider audience. If you didn’t utilize Instagram reels for your business or brand, then you are missing out on an enormous opportunity.

An Instagram user receives a notification if their reel is occupied on the Explore page on the platform. Be firm on your objective if you want to bring your reel on the Explore page. Let’s have a look at ideas.

2. Teaser Video Content

Share any inspiring video content on your YouTube channel or website, or share any podcast episodes to your Instagram reels. Run a few teasers on the episode topics with stunning visuals. You could also film about any stuff to attain the audience’s attention.

Singapore Guidebook has teaser video content on their visits and brings a perfect CTA so that their fans watch their entire video content on YouTube.

3. Answer Every FAQ

Answering every question of your audience is the best way to engage. It is similar to the regular video content or story, but you could customize it to fix it in a slot.

Scout Paramotor has multiple FAQ video contents on their follower’s questions.

4. Every Day In Life

Many factors are there to present “a day in the life” reel video content. Combine your brand’s both professional and personal side or both in a bit of manner. Share your employee interview or your special day to reel to get more trust among the audience for your brand.

Tom Daley created a straightforward video content of his Sunday morning how it looks.

5. Product Highlights

If you have any product that is well moving or any upcoming new products, click some stunning pictures of your products. Share it with the Instagram reels with perfect visuals; it brings you more customers if you have worked on it perfectly.

Marissa uploaded her stunning brand product images with perfect caption and information, which helped her bag more Insta reel likes and outrank competitors’ reels content on Instagram. Now that her reels content appeared in more peoples’ feed, higher are the chances the Instagram algorithm will take the reels content to the explore page within a short period further getting into the sight of several eyeballs.

6. DIY Content

If your brand or business sells crafts or any art products, you can bring ‘Do It Yourself’ video contents to your Instagram reels. Various profiles on the platform working on DIY projects uniquely showing their talents and skills.

Hometalk brings its talent to the world by showing its unique craftworks.

7. Tutorial Video Content

Many people on the platform enjoy how-to or tutorial video content. If you acquire the clear-cut concept for the content outline, then Instagram reels are the perfect spot to upload these types of content.

Kiel James Patric clearly shows how to harvest sunflowers with stunning visuals on Instagram reels, bringing more views and high reach to the content.

8. Travel Video Content

More than 50% of Instagram reels are occupied by travel and food-related video content. It could be anything like travel stories, travel suggestions, or travel destinations.

Vid & Savi, a lovely couple, share their every travel destination worldwide in a unique way.

9. Food Recipe Content

As already said, food content is one of the significant content ideas of Instagram reels. You can catch a massive audience if you post food-related content with perfect visuals to reels. You could make reels on cooking a spicy recipe or what products you have combined to bring a sweet recipe. It brings you a significant audience to get your content constantly.

Pura Indonesia shows how she fantastically cooks crispy food recipes, obtaining more views and reaching her content.

10. Fashion Video Content

Fashion video content is the fun part of the Instagram reels, and it can grab more audience to your brand. Do fashion video content with unbelievable twists and fun to have a high reach.

Louis Vuitton, a vast brand that explores its fashion trend, is terrific to get massive reach.

11. Work With Challenges

If you want to engage with a community, doing challenges is the perfect way to do it. Multiple challenges are going on social media every single day. Dances are the topmost content in this strategy, and it is mixed up with other content in case of brand or business promotion.

A popular Instagram user, Harrison explores a challenge in an excellent way to attain more engagements.

12. Tricks And Tips

Hacks, tricks, and tips-related content are more famous on Instagram because they have informational values. Share more knowledge to your audience by making tricks and tips video content to get massive people and bring great value.

Sugar Geek Show is an excellent example of how to make black chocolates easily.

13. Before And After Content

Before and after video contents are the best reels video idea on Instagram since it brings a superb result. Audiences are always interested in seeing the content of how a thing performs after it starts working and eagerly wait to see the result. So it is an excellent idea on Instagram reel to attain more engagements and new followers.

Blankslatereno uploads reel video content that shows their services, working, and the final product is a perfect example for this video idea.

14. Re-Introduction Content

People like stories every day. Everyone can learn from Instagram stories if they are motivating and inspirational. Every business account on social platforms wants to keep social terms where the audience engages with their customers more personally. Introducing a team behind the business or brand and explaining to your audience how it started at first is an excellent way to play your Instagram reel.

Natasha, a top marketer on the platform, shared many re-introduction reels with her fans, resulting in gaining more target followers quickly.

15. BTS(Behind The Scenes)

It is a more exciting and entertaining video idea because the audience always wishes to get the brand’s natural face. A perfect BTS video content might be the content behind a product making or any bloopers. You could share it on stories as well after being uploaded in reels.

A photography expert, Jordi Koalitic, brings excellent BTS content to his products, bringing more customers to his brand.

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