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Corporate Videos Can Be Informal and Fun: Here’s How

If you haven’t made use of video to help promote your company, you are missing out. Take a look at the explosion of interest in YouTube and other online video sites and you will see just how many people are getting their news, views, and entertainment in video format.

Filing a corporate video that tells the world about your company, your brand, and your products, can be extremely rewarding.

Many people assume that a corporate video must be simple, serious, and purely informative but this is wrong – a successful corporate video can be fun as well as factual. Here’s how to give your corporate video an informal twist.

  1. Be Yourself

Don’t be afraid to be yourself. You have a personality, and your company has a personality. The key is to let it shine through in your corporate video.

You can create a highly professional video, by hiring one of the teams of corporate video production London offers, but the tone can be light, funny, and upbeat.

Relax, and have fun with the shoot. Your subjects can laugh, make jokes, offer unscripted advice, but the editing should be tight and the filming innovative in order to create a professional impression overall.

  1. Use Informal Settings

If you are interviewing your CEO or a key member of staff, the interview doesn’t have to take place in the board room with her wearing a suit, or him sitting behind a desk.

You can film in an informal setting, in informal clothes, to display the heart and soul behind the company image – for example, filming an interview in a living room, or outside in the CEO’s garden makes a memorable impression.

Again, the trick is to have the filming done at a highly professional level. You don’t want to give the impression that you have run out of budget or you’re too lazy to set up a proper shoot.

When filmed professionally, an interview looks stunning whether it is conducted at a desk or in a car showroom.

  1. Keep it Simple

A short and snappy video that shows people from your company chatting, passing on advice, and telling stories in a conversational way is much more effective at building brand recognition and following than a half-hour of your boss describing how the company works and what you hope to achieve in the next year. Short, simple videos often build trust and create transparency.

  1. Reflect Your Brand

Make sure that the tone of your informal video works with the kind of company you are, and what you are selling or delivering. You can still make an informal video when you are a law firm but your approach will be slightly different to a company selling soft drinks.

Be authentic and know your audience – make sure that you deliver something that people will want to watch, and something that will teach them or entertain them.

Throughout the video, make sure that your brand is subtly displayed and that viewers know who you are and how to get in touch.

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