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7 Best Steps For Design Highly Convertible Landing Pages

It has been observed that when you increase the number of landing pages, you get increased traffic on your website. According to some marketing specialists in the online world, they say that layout is one important factor for a website’s performance.

Landing pages are considered as fundamental and they con of a very successful inbound marketing strategy. You can call these landing pages as the hub of your lead generation efforts.

This is the reason why every campaign that you run needs to be tied to a customized landing page. Where if you design an ambiguous homepage, where visitors get confused about what to do next, this won’t ever help you in growing your business.

While having more landing pages you will have a great impact on the lead generation. One more thing here is that if you really want your landing page to perform well, you really need to make them look good and attractive.

Well, we can help you to make all this a little easier. We understand how difficult it is to design web pages when you are not a professional designer. Here we have some very useful and effective tips that will help you in designing highly convertible landing pages.

1. Always Get To The Point

People generally do not like reading long and filthy paragraphs and they have very short attention spans. It would be better to consider this while designing your landing page for attracting your customers.

An online audience does not like reading the whole page. They always want the content to be very specific and to the point. What could be best to provide something that completes the requirement with one simple look?

People always come to your website for a reason to make sure that you are fulfilling that reason completely. Highlight about your services, your special offers and address your visitors to their needs, interests and their solutions.

It would be good to use clear headers and sub-headers, also you can use some easy to scan bullet points and explain what all they will get from your offer. Emphasize your key points using the bold or italics texts and always keep things as much brief as you can.

2. Make Use of Contrasting Colors

While designing your landing pages, always keep in mind that you have to focus on your main call-to-action to make people really fall on your landing pages. When you are providing your visitors with something encouraging, visitors will definitely fill a form and will click on the submit button.

When you design your submit a form, be sure that it is easy to fill in the details. It should be easy for them to understand what all are you asking in your query form. With the help of contrasting and complementary colors; represent your page in a very attractive manner.

3. Stamp on a Logo

Always keep your brand on the top and make sure that your viewers know where they are. All your landing pages should have your logos which are placed strategically on your pages. While you do not have to make it as a focal point of the page, it is important that your page is apparent enough that people will recognize your landing page easily.

This is actually very difficult for all the users who has come to your landing page from some external sources like simple Google search or with the help of social media.

4. Avoid Visual Clutter

When you plan to place a number of useful visuals on your landing pages, it might sound like a fabulous idea but the reports and analysis have shown that using too many images on your landing pages won’t help you in conversion.

In fact, using all such images will distract your readers from reaching the main point of the landing page. This will create more friction on your landing page instead of supporting your conversion. While your graphics are certainly very attractive, they will increase the load time of your website.

If we say more, according to an Aberdeen Group, only a second delay in page load time will result in 11% of less page views, this will reduce your customer’s satisfaction by 16% and will make 7% loss in conversation.

5. Do not Underestimate the Formatting of the Page

Formatting is the best thing when you are designing something, especially for your landing page. It is also one that can go with you a long way if you add a little effort of yours.

Clearly laying out on your headlines, forms, copies, images etc can help you in drawing attention to your efforts and will tee up your conversations by creating a very useful visual friendly user experience that will guide a visitor in completing your conversions.

6. Do Not Forget To Add Some Social Proof

When you create your landing page do not forget to add any type of case studies or recommendations to your page. If you have something special to tell your audience then do not hesitate to add it to your page.

People do not know who you are and what you are. You have to flaunt about yourself only then you will be able to make your place. Add links to your social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ etc.

7. Always Be Consistent

Well, this is something really good for you. Analyzing the elements of your landing page gives a greater impact on the overall performance of your website. This is mainly because all your page elements that will change the layout of the complete page and can make it harder for your visitors for navigating the page on your website.

While it is very important to have the best templates in your landing pages but for getting the results make sure that you are not altering your landing pages again and again. Here you need a sense of consistency that will help the end user on how to navigate to your pages with time.

Using these 7 wonderful tips will definitely lead you to amazing landing pages that will definitely convert your visitors into your customers.

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