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How the Cloud Has Changed the Business Operations

The Cloud has changed the Internet irrevocably. At least 90% of us have already used the Cloud in some way, and it has had a massive impact on how companies do business.

Here we take a look at how business has changed and what some of these things could mean for the future.

The Skills Barrier

To run a business with an IT infrastructure, you need someone with technical expertise. If you cannot afford to do this, your business will constantly struggle with technology. Cloud computing has changed the game.

There is no need for any technical expertise to take advantage of Cloud services. The Cloud service provider assumes responsibility for your infrastructure.

If you are a professional artist, for example, and you run a Cloud-based E-commerce shop to sell your art, you can. In the past, you would have needed to know all about purchasing and managing online storage. Now it does not matter if you’re clueless about it.

The On-the-Go Revolution

Businesses and their employees now operate on-the-go. You probably work on your smartphone daily to access the Internet or send emails. Cloud computing has embraced this revolution.

Today, we have tablets, smartphones, and laptops that can access the Internet from anywhere. Wi-Fi has actively encouraged us to always remain connected. Business is more than just something that happens in an office.

The Cloud lets you access your online files from anywhere. All you need is a username and password for your online account.

What impact has this really had on business, though?

  1. It has brought business out of the office and into the wider world.
  2. It has encouraged more telecommuting positions in all industries, opening the workplace to a wider range of skilled employees.
  3. The traditional 9-5 routine has been largely sidelined.

Arguably, the biggest change to business is the ability to access files from anywhere, at any time using virtually any device.

Learning Centers

Training has received significant emphasis from the introduction of the Cloud. Older in-house training methods involved dedicated training days where everything was formal and rigidly managed.

This also drove up training costs – a great disadvantage for small businesses that could not afford it.

Now the Cloud acts as a learning center. Companies can send documents and learning materials for access anywhere empowering employees to learn in their lunch-hour, at home, or on the way to work.

The IT Industry

The IT industry has been changed dramatically by this new technology, forcing it to change the way it does business.

Many traditional IT services are now redundant so that only a minority of providers can maintain their current operational approach.

For example, direct IT services through traditional onsite hosting are declining in number, as is the importance of In-house IT technicians. Technicians are also being sidelined in favor of backend Cloud repairs.

The benefit (or problem if you work in IT) is the fact that the Cloud can take care of itself; it is just a branch of the Internet itself.

What We Get in Return

For all the changes (good and bad) in business, here is what we get in return:

  • More productivity.
  • More flexibility.
  • More efficiency.
  • More value for money.

Ultimately, the Cloud is a step forward, however, we decide to see it, which is why it is more than a passing fad.

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