10 Tips for Effective Leadership

As an effective leader, you are responsible for the well being and productivity of your staff. You are the liaison between the workers and the upper levels of management. You may be responsible for one person or for hundreds, but either way you have a responsibility. Here are some tips to becoming a more effective manager. 1. Recognize your workers You have a great team. They work hard for you most of the time and they deserve recognition. There are a lot of people who will work just as hard for a pat on the back as they will for the … Continue reading 10 Tips for Effective Leadership

15 Best Free Website Builders to Create a Clean Simple Website

In the digital age, the website of your business is what windows used to be to shops and stores earlier – an invitation to enter and check out the offerings. Just like you would decorate your storefront to make it attractive, you would need to makeyour website attractive as well. As per research by Blue Corona, 48% of your prospective customers would judge the credibility of your business by looking at your website design. Obviously, you must know how to build a website that grabs eyeballs, offers a safe and secure user experience, and gets your audience back for more. … Continue reading 15 Best Free Website Builders to Create a Clean Simple Website