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8 Key Factors to Consider For a Business Website Redesign

There are a lot of reasons why you should plan to redesign your business website. You can also hire a professional web design company to ensure that the redesigning meets the current requirements. The points mentioned below are few important factors to keep in mind before you begin the website redesigning process.

1. Clear but Effective Design Strategy

Before even beginning the redesigning process it is important that you understand what really works on your current website and what doesn’t. Once you learn it thinks if there is any real requirement to change it.

Start improving the areas which really need attention and the areas that are working like a charm should be enhanced even further to provide a better experience to the customers. It’s not always a complete revamp that is required but smaller changes also do make a difference if done in the right way.

But if the website is hardly performing well then steps must be taken to plan out a complete change and redesign of the website.

2. Keep it Fresh and New

Mostly websites for any businesses are created when the business is started. But as time passes by these sites are not updated and often neglected. Such sites are useless in converting potential customers since people get turned off by old and obsolete websites and the information that is carried on it.

A newly redesigned website can grab eyeballs and bring itself to being notice amongst consumers who may seek the site due to its up-to-date and attractive content. Put a design that has brand new appeal to it and something that visitors will look at.

Also, have rich content that is relevant to keep people revisiting your page many times. Plus search engines also keep checking how often your website is updated.

3. Make It Mobile-friendly

Website accessing using smartphones has increased in recent times and it has extended to other variety of digital devices like tablets too. Having a website that is best viewed on all types of platforms especially keeping mobile phones in mind is a better way to move forward.

It ensures that your website is ready to reach wider audiences who today use their cell phones for practically everything.

4. Reducing the Loading Time of the Website

Slow responsive websites are not accepted by anyone anymore. Hence the loading time for your website should be a few seconds only, say around five or so to load, else people will just leave your website.

Furthermore, this loading capability should be on each and every page because you don’t want a customer leaving after navigating through numerous pages to find what they are looking for and finding a page loading bar.

Avoid usage of large images because they can slow down pages along with videos, JavaScript, HTML errors and also because of a slow server.

5. Brand Makeover

If your brand has been present in the market for some time and if you are thinking of having a makeover then redesigning your website will help you re-brand an online identity. The website should be designed in such a way that its transformation should represent the new brand identity you are creating.

The biggest reason why most brands re-brand themselves is to seek newer audiences and stay in the competitive market by capturing newer opportunities. A website is an obvious way of letting your existing customers and target consumers know that you have re-branded yourself.

6. Incorporating Social Media

If your website lacks in providing social media integration then you are missing a big opportunity to target and seek new customers. Times have changed and people use social media networks for everything from social to business.

Start with including links to social network profiles which is active and created for your business. Also add provisions for customers to share, tweet, or pin your content easily right away to generate a following and let them market you furthermore. Redesigned website capable of social network connectivity helps in using these social media channels to further spread the word about your products and services.

7. Disappointing Search Engine Rankings

If you are not getting satisfactory results from your search engine optimization strategy then chances are that your website is not structured well enough. Old websites many times aren’t designed keeping in mind SEO structuring and can hamper your ranking.

Thus it’s a better strategy to redesign the whole website from ground zero with a sound SEO strategy in place and page ranking goals in mind. A properly structured site with ease of navigation along with optimized content can be implemented to begin a better prospective website that would get better page results on search engines for your targeted keywords.

8. Improving Results

You need a website specifically for keeping your current customers intact and expanding the customer base and if the current website fails to provide it then you must redesign the website.

There are a couple of analytic tools that can help in inspecting data pertaining to your website like how many visitors are visiting your website and how many of them turn into actual leads. This also helps in deciding a couple of redesigning factors.

Also, take a look at how successful is your “call to actions” are and how better working is your “landing page”. See if the site is text heavy and if the tone of the website goes along with the products or services that you are providing.

Redesigning and revamping the website can be a difficult task and needs lots of resources. But understand that the website is one of the key elements that decide the success of your online marketing campaign. If you have a slightest of thought that you need to redesign your website then surely take the lead and change it to an optimized marketing strategy.

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