How to Improve your Blog’s Traffic

In this post I will explain how I drive traffic to my site. The list includes 10 ways to boost traffic on your site. I will also show what my blog has achieved in September and what my goals are for October. How do I drive traffic to my site? 10 tips on how to boost your traffic: Twitter Social media is a must these days. As you build up your follower count you gain marketing power. When you have thousands of followers and you tweet something that includes your blog in it, believe me many people will see it … Continue reading How to Improve your Blog’s Traffic

Beautiful Fonts from WhatFontis

First impression is always the best impression either it is your website design or your website font. It is very important to develop a website which is attractive to readers and make them permanent subscribers for your blog. Most of the companies and businesses online develop their own font which is simple, elegant and attractive for readers. There are some quality font providers online such as WhatFontis which gives you an option to find font from image and many more advanced options which can help in finding the best fonts for your business website. If you have an idea of making your content … Continue reading Beautiful Fonts from WhatFontis