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Me Lucy! Call me a geek, but my favorite thing to do is to take a design that we create together and make it come alive on the web.

It all started one day in 2002 when a friend was launching a festival and needed a logo. Having never designed a logo before, of course, I said, “I’ll do it!” And that’s when I fell in love with design.

In the summer of 2005, I packed my bags and headed to New York to design books for Barnes & Noble Publishing. It was an awesome learning experience, but my heart was homesick for my friends and family in Atlanta. So I moved back and started my full-time freelance career in January 2007.

Gradually, I shifted gears from print to web design (because code is fun!). And, now I spend the day making creative businesses look fabulous online. I love my job! And love that I’m becoming known as the designer’s web designer.

When I’m not designing and coding away on my Mac, I most love hanging out with my husband, son, and daughter. And cat, Peanut, the chief paperweight.